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A valid energy source for animals that suffer from digestive problems, makes animals grow up healthy.
lipidico v3


Purified insect lipid, a precious energy source for younger animals that suffer from digestive and nutrient absorption problems. Thanks to, these animals can grow up healthy, while the environmental impact is reduced.


It is characterized by high levels of easily digestible medium-chain fatty acids and lauric acid (40%), which has antimicrobial properties that helps gut health and, as a consequence, it strengthens the immune system.

prodotto lipidico

Average values

  • Total Fatty Acids (min) 900 g/kg
  • Free Fatty Acids (max) 5 g/kg
  • Moisture (max) 10 g/kg
  • Unsaponifiable matter 20 g/kg
  • Insoluble impurities (max) 0,5 g/kg

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