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Great protein source with reduced production costs, Pro contributes to the reduction of the ecological footprint associated with the production of beef and chicken proteins.
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Cricket and larvae powder, a complete source of food protein that can be used as nourishment for both animals and people.


Crickets contain the right balance of essential and non-essential amino acids and ensure a high protein intake, exponentially greater than that of beef; if 30 grams of crickets provide 20 grams of protein, 30 grams of beef supply only 8 grams. Pro is not only a great source of protein, it also ensures the supply of other important nutrients: fiber, iron, calciumOrganic, non-GMO, EFISC certified product, free of gluten, soy, nuts, dairy products, and low in fat.

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Average values

  • Amino acids 9 essential amino acids
  • B12 26 mcg B12/100G
  • Omega 3:1 ratio
  • Protein 65%

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