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The food consumed by poultry in nature is reintroduced into the basic diet of these animals thanks to WD, the perfect alternative to soy-based feed.



Whole-dried mealworms or crickets to be use as poultry feed or as premium pet food for reptiles, hedgehogs and rodents. Adding a natural ingredient - insects - to these animals’ diet, WD provides an alternative to the use of soy in feed.


Insects bred and farmed in the European Union, fed completely with EFSA approved ingredients. Being an alternative to soy and a food consumed in nature by poultry at once, WD has advantages both in terms of sustainability and animal well-being. The composition of proteins and fats may vary depending on specific needs.

prodotto wd

Average values

  • Protein 34%
  • Fat 32%
  • Fiber 10%

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