Supplying sustainable, high quality proteins

About us was born from an awareness: while the demand for proteins increases, the resources at our disposal diminish.

So we tried to look at the future with new eyes, searching for and providing novel, safe and sustainable protein sources, which do not depend on environmental factors that might limit their supply.

What we do offers the best supply of premium sustainable proteins for the production of feed, pet-food and for the aquaculture sector.

We deal with the research and sale of proteins with high nutritional values, specifically addressing the needs of farmers and the whole world of third parties that use them for production needs.

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Research and Development

In a new and evolving field such as sustainable proteins, research is of fundamental importance; for this reason, promotes the research, development and technology advancement of the sector.

Pursuing the highest technical quality, we supply highly innovative natural proteins to our customers.

If the proteins deriving from insects represent the present, is already looking at the future, investing in the research for new sources of sustainable proteins:

Ricerca e Sviluppo

Methanotrophic fermentation protein
Thanks to patented technologies, it is possible to take advantage of the natural process by which bacteria – extracting their carbon source from methane, along with minerals and oxygen - become rich in proteins. The result is a biomass rich in highly digestible proteins, which can be used for animal feed, especially where animal derived proteins are still not regulated.

Protein from microalgae
Microalgae are naturally rich in protein. These magnificent biological powerhouses do not need any input. In order to harness their potential for the creation of products for human and animal consumption, technologies that make their processing possible still need to be developed.

Field grass protein
In order for grass to become part of our diet, it is necessary to study the most efficient method to extract its proteins, making them tasty and suitable to be used as a component of snacks, drinks and meat substitutes at once.

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