Feeding the future

For the well-being of present and future generations

The principal value that guides us is sustainability: we believe in social and economic development that respects nature and the planet as a whole, by means of a careful and not indiscriminate use of resources.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our age while guaranteeing the future of new generations.

Innovative and sustainable proteins


While the population is constantly increasing, along with the general demand for food, resources are quickly depleting and diminishing, including those used in animal farming.

In Europe, in particular, there are not the agro-climatic conditions that allow the production of plant-based proteins to fully satisfy the demand. It is not only a question of lack of resources, it is also an environmental matter: the current production has already had disastrous effects on the planet and, since demand will inevitably continue to increase, it is our responsibility to use alternatives that have the least harmful impact on our environment.

Resources needed to produce 1kg of each protein sources


22,000 liters

of water

10,000 grams

of feed


5,000 liters

of water

5,000 grams

of feed


2,500 liters

of water

2,500 grams

of feed


less than one liter

of water

1,500 grams

of feed

The solution? provides sustainable proteins that improve livestock performance and productivity: entomological or fermentation derived proteins (SCP), high-quality sustainable sources that meet the nutritional needs of livestock while reducing the harmful impact on the environmentFor example, if in one acre of land, an average of 1,500 pounds of soy protein can be produced, in the same space, up to 2 million pounds of insect proteins can be obtained.

The solution?


0 agricultural land used

Up to 98% less water used than traditional products

Up to 40% less CO2 emissions than traditional sources

Use of processes focused on recycling for less waste of resources

Reduced impact of global warming on world GDP

Safe protein supply even in cases of emergency

Our impact is already having a positive impact, both directly and indirectly, on several SDGs (the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015).

Thanks to our constant collaboration with research centers and Universities, we can now offer to our customers in the agri-food sector the instruments to effectively counteract CO2 emissions deriving from the production cycle at a competitive price, strongly improving their life-cycle assessments (LCA).

Our impact

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